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The Importance of Writing with Certain Guidelines

Essays with correct formatting are considered outdated or cliche because of the time change there are some rules that have to be followed. Strunk's Elements of Style has particular rules; some rules are more important to use than others. When reading, readers will overlook a few punctuation and grammatical errors, but they will not overlook a dull story, much less read it.

Rules such as "use the active voice", and "omit needless words" hold great importance. A sentence like "the ball was thrown by me in a quick and speedy fashion towards the opposing person on the other team, striking him in his facial region" is very unnecessary, quite long, boring, and unprofessional. Changing this sentence to "I threw the ball quickly at the opposing teammate, and it hit him in the face!" sounds more clear and intriguing.

Using such guidelines as those mentioned above offers the reader clarity and gives the reader confidence in understanding. Reducing slang shows intelligence. A properly written essay is one of the most important tools used to persuade a reader to reconsider his previous opinion. To avoid confusion, it is best to write using Standard English; it is something that can be understood among all readers.

Strunk's Elementary Rules of Usage

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Strunk's Elementary Principles of Composition

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