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When it comes to writing correctly, of course there are many different opinions that one must consider. We struggle everyday to remember that there are rules that we must follow to be able to write and speak effectively. Without those rules and guidelines, the things we write would not be neat and organized or clearly understandable. Once a person learns the rules and how to identify the rules, life then starts to get better in terms of speaking and writing correct English. So the reason why we should follow the rules of writing is because without rules, things would be going crazy everywhere. There would be no structure, or common sense. Learning the many rules of writing guides us to write correctly, and it progressively changes the way we read or write. When writing with the purpose of communicating effectively, one must first identify the route that he or she must take to reach the reader. After connecting with the audience, one must speak clearly, and when writing, one must have the knowledge of the rules of grammar.

One reason why we should follow the writing rules is because it helps us use correct English and also changes the way we talk and write. For example, essays, speeches, job interviews, or even job applications are all important. If we do not follow the writing rules there is a strong possibility that we will not be able to succeed later on in life. The reason being is because it shows if people cannot write correct papers or speak correct English. If a person is trying to get a job, nine times out of ten one would not get the job due to not knowing how to write or speak correct English.

Strunk's Elementary Rules of Usage

  1. (Explanation by Christopher Young)
  2. (Explanation by Jonathan McCorkle)
  3. (Explanation by Sha'Darryl Evans)
  4. (Explanation by Ashli Parish)
  5. (Explanation by Briana Anthony)
  6. (Explanation by Martimmeyous Flemming)
  7. (Explanation by Celeste Coleman)
  8. (Explanation by Dr. Clawson)

Strunk's Elementary Principles of Composition

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  4. (Explanation by Martimmeyous Flemming)
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